Fire Doors

Doorway's range of incredible Fire Doors integrates; style and world-class fire resistant technology,
to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to the strict guidelines of modern constructions.

All our Fire Doors, excel under the government guidelines for fire safety, providing a level of safety to give you peace of mind for you and your family.

We source all our Fire Doors from NZ Fire Doors, and Hallmark. For more help with installation and customization of your Fire Doors, please refer to our list of instructional material below.

NZ Fire Doors:
Installation Troubleshooting
Approved Hardware
Care and Handling
I-30-H | Interior 30 minute FRR hung door, single or pair specs
I-60-H | Interior 60 minute FRR hinged doorset, single or pair specs

Hallmark Fire Doors:
Hallmark Group Spec sheet