Cavity Sliders


Choosing the right cavity slider for your project may be more important than you think! It's important to choose a high quality product that will last - remember the frame ends up inside your wall!  Our cavity sliders are available in standard sizes and made to order custom sizes. Choose your cavity slider frame from the product range below, then head to the Door Leaves section to choose a door to suit. 

Watch our video to see how it all works.

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Hallmark’s premium cavity sliders evolved from years of experience and development. They are manufactured with high quality components, and are easy to use and install.

All of our Classic and CavZero cavity sliders are produced in a precision manufacturing facility. Unlike other cavity unit manufacturers, we produce all our own timber components, giving us complete control over the entire process. Our rollers, aluminium components and soft close system have been engineered to our specifications and have passed extensive cycle testing.